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Training Requirements

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The " Mouse and Rat Workshops: Hands-on Animal Techniques" are both three hour sessions that provide an opportunity to train on routine handling and experimental techniques while using live mice and rats. These small group sessions are instructed by certified laboratory animal technologists, and therefore, provide a maximum opportunity for learning basic skills.

*Prerequisite Training: students need to have minimal experience in performing hand restraint with the species they will be working with prior to attending the Workshop.  Please contact OACU or your IC’s research animal program office for further information. 

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Registration for each course session will be limited to a 3 week period starting 1 month prior to the course date and closing 1 week before the course date to better ensure student availability and to allow students time to acquire introductory animal restraint training prior to the Workshop. 

Current Training Schedule


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Skill Level - Novice: This course is meant to introduce scientists and technicians to rodent techniques, but is not intended to make them proficient in the techniques.

Restrictions: Participation is limited to NIH government employees. Contract employees are not routinely authorized for this training; however, they may be placed on a waiting list and contacted when open training slots are available.

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